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We offer mobile massage therapy and beauty treatments in the comfort of your home or holiday destination.

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Massage Delivered To Your Home

We are very proud to announce a specialist service in London and South Wiltshire which has been created around a vision to bring you BODYWORKS. Kate Bender is not only a Physiotherapist with 15 years of experience, she is also pilates trained and a fully qualified facialisist. With all of these different accolades she has designed three treatments which she can deliver in your home. Kate has carefully put together these three treatment options to make your body work for you. She is passionate about these treatments and 


Make Me shine  - Combines a specialist facial designed for what your skin requires using the ENVIRON range of products together with a massage and postural awareness and stretches. You will leave looking brighter and feeling straighter. 

Make Me efficient - this treatment combines massage and exercises which will be specific to your needs. All The exercises have been designed to improve your awareness and alignment, this is not a replacement for your current exercises regime but should be thought as an addition to help make your current regime more efficient and thus reduce the risk of injury.  it is also really important to have regular massages to keep your muscles supple and help reduce the risk of injury!

Make Me Flexible - following a full body assessment Kate will combines massage with a stretch routine think a combanation of pilates and yoga all in the comfort of your home as well as the scientifically backed functional range training which ensures that your range of movement is controlled and not forced.This is the best for joints especially the hips...


* Kate will bring everything with her to create a mini wellness studio in your own home.


 * All of the treatments are tailored to you and thus no treatment will be exactly the same and the following are guides as to what to expect....



It isn't rocket science but it works, so make it work for you... call for an appointment

All treatments cost £150 for a 90 treatment, please allow 2 hours for your first appointment the price remains the same.