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We offer mobile massage therapy and beauty treatments in the comfort of your home or holiday destination.

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Relaxing Massage

Let those tensions slip away as you lie back and relax. Gently easing out the knots in the shoulders and the tightness across your back we will have you walking on air and sleeping on clouds by the time we are finished.

1 hour  -  €80 

Deep Tissue Massage

The perfect antidote to sore muscles after a day of skiing down mountains. This massage is specifically designed to get to target the muscles. Recovery isn't just about pushing hard though it is about generating heat and stretch into the muscles to help flush out the toxins. So book now help prevent the soreness start and still allow you to walk down the stairs by Wednesday!

1 hour  -  €90

Restortive Physio Massage

One step further than our Deep Tissue Massage is the massage actually delivered by a Physiotherapist. We Have partnered up with Physioval This is for those individuals that require a little bit more. Maybe  you just want a massage but would prefer someone with a deeper knowledge of your physiology because you are prone to a little low back pain or maybe you have pulled your knee but you don't think it is serious but a little reassurance and a good massage will help prepare you for the next day of skiing. What ever it maybe, if you would require a Physiotherapist just ask and we will try and move mountains to get you what you need... 

1 hour  -  €95


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