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Luxury and discretion.

We offer mobile massage therapy and beauty treatments in the comfort of your home or holiday destination.

experienced professional and polite therapists.

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New or Old, and defiantly loyal,

We always love to hear from you so please pop us an email to book your next appointment.

Chalets, Villas and Boutique Hotels   

If you work for or involved with a Villa, Boutique hotel, Jet owner or Chalet Company and would like to use the services for yourself or your clients then please drop us an email.  

The more experienced the better...

If you are a fantastic therapist with excellent communication skills, passionate about delivering amazing treatments and love travel then please pop me your CV.

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We try to meet your expectations and have very high standards of treatments and service.

We try to arrive, when the roads are clear, 10 minutes before your treatment commences. We are sorry if we are a little late sometimes resort roads or previous clients can affect things out of our control but if we are a little late then We are very sorry in advance....


The amazing algnate mask that we use in our environ facials.... 

The amazing algnate mask that we use in our environ facials.... 

Some recommendations ....


Pamper off Piste and Pamper by the pool have a number of years under their belts with summer and winter seasons. During this time we have made lots of friends with the chalet companies that we work with, the ski instructors we ski with, nannies that help with our kids and chefs that sometimes help with our dinner parties.... so in no particular order


Winter companies

Fish and Pips                   VIP                 Consensio                Hip Hideouts   

Delicious Mountains           Ski Basics          Ski Cusine            Meriski    

Alpine Action        Alpine Infussion         Snow Retreat         White Mountain

Jelly and Ice Cream      New Generation         Chalet Les Gets        Highlife   

Ski Blanc           Alpine Escape            Le Ski              SkiVal          Ski Tillini

Chalet Kitchen        Pure Peaks


Summer companies

Finishing touch          villas2 rent        Scott Dunn          Mallorca Farmhouses


Villa Select







Try your best.


We always try our best to fit you in and go put of ir way to rearrange things if we can to meet your needs so please  these are more our terms of etiquette rather than formal terms and conditions..


1. Be ready to greet us and show us where to set up 10 minutes before your treatment.

2. Please don't keep us waiting, a few minutes is fine but after 10 minutes we might start to charge, like a taxi waiting, it just isn't polite.

3. If you need to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment then please call us, don't email,  as we aren't always sitting in front of the computer. We will always try to fill the slot  with new clients but if we fail to do so we reserve the right to charge you 60%.