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We offer mobile massage therapy and beauty treatments in the comfort of your home or holiday destination.

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Massage Delivered To Your Chalet

Massage in Courchevel to Meribel and  Val d'Isere to Tignes 

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We have a team of fantastic therapists across the french Alps,  bringing a seamless service to your chalet door. please have a little read of the articles that we have been mentioned in, the links are on our home page, from the 'Luxury Columnist' to the 'Independent'

From Val d I'sere to Tignes and Courchevel to Meribel and all surrounding areas in-between.   

We have a range of massages to meet your holiday needs to help Make every day on the mountain count.  Our facials take in to consideration  the climate so the products we have chosen are packed with organic moisture boosting active ingredients very specific to dry air and sunshine, your skin will love you...



Tibetan Massage

Let those tensions slip away as you lie back and relax. Gently easing out the knots in the shoulders and the tightness across your back we will have you walking on air and sleeping on clouds by the time we are finished.



Mexican Massage

The perfect antidote to sore muscles after a day of skiing down mountains. This massage is specifically designed to get to target the muscles. Recovery isn't just about pushing hard though it is about generating heat and stretch into the muscles to help flush out the toxins. So book now help prevent the soreness start and still allow you to walk down the stairs by Wednesday!

Bali Body Booster.

This treatment will make your skin glow... Brushing off the winter blues, using an amazing scrub and then finishing with a nourishing massage you will be shiny and new again.



All body treatments are charged depending on how you wish to pay and can be taken

   1 hour €75

Healing hands

One step further than our Mexican Massage is the massage actually delivered by a Physiotherapist. This is for those individuals that require a little bit more. Maybe  you just want a massage but would prefer someone with a deeper knowledge of your physiology because you are prone to a little low back pain or maybe you have pulled your knee but you don't think it is serious but a little reassurance and a good massage will help prepare you for the next day of skiing. What ever it maybe, if you would require a Physiotherapist just ask and we will try and move mountains to get you what you need... 

1 hour  -  €90


Hot Stone Havana...

Hot stone massage is fantastic for getting a little extra heat into the muscles which increases the blood flow and helps the muscles get rid of the lactic acid build up on which happens when skiing on the mountain all day long. Thus improves the recovery before your next day on the mountain, this is combined with a deep tissue massage is truly fantastic. So if you are prone to those quad muscles and your mid back tightening up this is the treatment for you.

1 hour  -  €90



Destination Organic facial


We use warm cloths and facial massage to encourage blood flow and thus aid the cleansing properties of the organic ingredients. The gentle bamboo scrub removes the take away the fine top layer while the balm protects the healthy skin.  The wonderful clay mask draws out the impurities and toxins of day to day life. Mixing in an award winning anti ageing serum which your skin will drink up and target the fine lines around the eye. As the mask soaks in, a foot treatment is performed. Finishing with a rose eye massage around the eye to cool, calm and relax. Decadent.


 1 hour €85



Make your rituals an indulgence.... 

Make your rituals an indulgence.... 

Palma Pedicure  

Our pedicure is enriching and hydrating leaving your feel looking truly pampered and pretty for the pool and jacuzzi. While your feet enjoy a wonderful soak with some Himalayan salt your shoulders will appreciate a little rub. We then tweak and shape your nails. Changing position, while lying on your front your feet are scrubbed, and a salt exfoliant polishing all your skin brightening and shiny and new. Finished by applying your varnish of choice.


1 hour 15 min -  €75


Milano Manicure

Starting with the luxury organic pinks boutique Himalayan salt for a soak to allow us to tidy up the nail and cuticles, followed by a gentle exfoliate, massaging the hands before drying the nail and painting with a colour of your choice . It truly is a luxury throughout the treatment finishing with a lovely balm for your hands to ensure that your hands look immaculate, not just your nails.

45 min - €55



Mums to be...... 

We can tailor a wonderful treatment around your needs. Combining a few little treats while everyone is out on the mountain. Our pregnancy massage concentrates on the bits that can be a little achy with your back getting stiff with all that extra load  little foot massage never goes a miss. You will feel fantastic. We can then treat you to a manicure or pedicure you decide. Because you are worth it and if you can still lie on your back then we can also do a mini facial using rose crystals around the eyes to ease the tension from squinting into the sun!  just let us know this will add an extra 30 min

1 hour - €85     pregnancy massage

Tailor made

2 hour - €150     mix and match your treatments above



If you would like to surprise someone or wanting a gift but don't know which treatment they would like why not get them a voucher which is based on time. Just pop us a message and we can email it or send it in the post so that you have something to give weather it is for christmas or a birthday or just a treat because they need a little pamper then we can arrange it all for you.


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