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Luxury and discretion.

We offer mobile massage therapy and beauty treatments in the comfort of your home or holiday destination.

experienced professional and polite therapists.

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Massage Delivered To Your villa

We are based in Pollenca in Mallorca over the summer and we create little spas in the villas dotted across the area, we can travel as far as Cal d'or or Palma or if you are chartering a yacht for the day then we can come on board and set up a spa on deck... the world is your oyster. Now all you need to do is pick which treatments you would like.


Body Treats


60 min €75   

Face Treats

Destination Organic facial

We use warm cloths and facial massage to encourage blood flow and thus aid the cleansing properties of the organic ingredients. The gentle bamboo scrub removes the take away the fine top layer while the balm protects the healthy skin.  The wonderful clay mask draws out the impurities and toxins of day to day life. Mixing in an award winning anti ageing serum which your skin will drink up and target the fine lines around the eye. As the mask soaks in, a foot treatment is performed. Finishing with a rose eye massage around the eye to cool, calm and relax. Decadent.


60 min €80  

Nail Treats 

Milano Manicure

Starting with the luxury organic pinks boutique Himalayan salt for a soak to allow us to tidy up the nail and cuticles, followed by a gentle exfoliate, massaging the hands before drying the nail and painting with a colour of your choice . It truly is a luxury throughout the treatment finishing with a lovely balm for your hands to ensure that your hands look immaculate, not just your nails.





45 min €55  

Palma Pedicure  

Our pedicure is enriching and hydrating leaving your feel looking truly pampered and pretty for the pool and jacuzzi. While your feet enjoy a wonderful soak with some Himalayan salt your shoulders will appreciate a little rub. We then tweak and shape your nails. Changing position, while lying on your front your feet are scrubbed, and a salt exfoliant polishing all your skin brightening and shiny and new. Finished by applying your varnish of choice.

There are some pedicures that are a ritual but not this one, this is wonderfully indulgent and you will feel the difference...


75 min €85  


Mallorca is truly amazing with lots of places to explore, hills to climb, seas to sail, beaches to love and villas to enjoy

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